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What is Coin Op Internet Cafe? Why Coin Op Internet Cafe?

Convert your Internet Cafe Cybercafé into Self Service Internet Cafe Cybercafé instantly

In order to promote the internet cafe business and keep it profit or at least survive, Coin Operated it!

Simple Business Secret: Revenue - Cost = Profit. For small business like Internet cafe, the revenue will be limited at some point in one area. It is hardly to increase dramatically after a period of time, no matter how hard you advertise it and promote it. The only way you can increase your profit: low your cost.

Coin Op Internet Cafe have following advantages.

  • Reduce the staff cost instantly.
  • Plug-and-Play, reduce the management cost.
  • Customer privacy.
  • Increase revenue.

First, Reduce the staff cost instantly. It is apparently labor cost is biggest cost other that rent cost.

you can instantly save thousands dollar,  and have thousands dollar advantage to your competitors.

Some people may ask what if there is only one person internet cafe, he is owner and staff.

The answer: His labor is still the cost no matter he see it or not. It will be one person internet cafe and he will be owner and staff forever if he could not free himself to do other things, like promote his store, open another one, getting bigger.

Where to go to from here?
Select a Coin Op Internet Cafe Product and Action !  .

1. Internet Cafe, Cyber Cafe, Game Cafe Self Service Payment System (ICPS)

2. Internet Kiosk, Game Kiosk, Application Kiosk System (WS)

3. Hardware Timer Controlled Coin op Xbox 360, Play station 3,  Xbox, Play station 2, Power Device

4. Parts: Universal Multi Coin Acceptor AK5

5. Parts: Internet Cafe Kiosk Board, (interface with any thirdly party coin acceptor and bill acceptor)

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